Bohemian heaven

"When white goes wild."

Our boho-chic styling provides a bewitching burrow with this option. It’s pure, cosy and welcoming. The bohemian essence is a breezy one, based on the vision of days spent on balmy beaches and a carefree travelling lifestyle. Keona invites you to get lost in this calm and peaceful atmosphere; to dream and be free.

The aesthetic of our design can be perfectly defined as carefree and warm for this space. It’s a simple vibe. Bohemian style is about being laid-back and ‘going with the flow’. It’s a melting pot of colours, textures and patterns from different countries and cultures. The abundance of lanterns and candles are fundamental details in this scenography, and for good reason. They add a touch of magic to the picnic and provide the perfect lighting for a warm and romantic ambiance.

Plenty of white adornments, crochet pillows, linen and macramé, combined with a magnificent and delicate canopy above your head, will help you become immersed within this intimate package.

Lounge on beautiful hand made rugs while dining on an authentic table, carved with talent by Indonesian artists and made from recycled wood. This bohemian set-up is enriched with a variety of objects from our personal travels and experiences, with each little detail considered for your pleasure.

Color Palette :

“Carefree and warm”

When it comes to bohemian style, there are no rules. Our boho-chic design is a ‘50 shades of white’ concept. We bring this identity by blending and matching different materials and elegant fabrics, all done with a minimalist color palette. It creates a genuine, elegant and bright identity within our scenography.

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