Balinese Treasure

“Island of the gods”

Selamat datang ! 
There is no other place quite like Bali in the world. Leave no stone unturned, and try our Balinese theme that consists of handmade and high-end products. Our scenery will transport you to a magical moment. Authentic and delicate, all of the beautiful Balinese vibes are combined in this fabulous set-up. You will enjoy genuine items from Indonesia: tables, rugs, pillows, lanterns…every single piece is handmade. The local artisans’ creative craft and traditional batik make this package unique.

Bali has a fascinating cultural heritage. The Hindu religion is prominent on this beautiful island, and you will have the honour of experiencing some of the charming rituals.


is one of the daily offerings made by Balinese Hindus to thank the Sang Hyang Widhi Wasaas for the peace given to the world. It is a tray made from palm leaves,

which contains white, red and yellow colored flowers, along anything else they want to offer. Bali is a mix of traditional, modern, vibrant and diverse cultures. Your curiosity will be piqued by the treasures of Bali and its ancient charm. You will be captivated by spiritual energy and exotic sunsets; peace and serenity. This package will make you feel like going on a never-ending adventure


Color Palette :

“Pure and simple”

Natural colours and textures are the key focus for this theme. A mixture of pale shades of brown, white and a little touch of colour from the traditional flowers of Bali are the perfect match for your sweet moment. Combined with the local materials influenced by Bali’s Hindu traditions, the intricate details provide a unique style in this package.

Bali is a place of wild greenery, tropical foliage and abundant flora. Let’s create your exotic Balinese set-up together. You will feel blessed by this comfortable cocoon created by Keona, for you.

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