Marrakesh Miracle

“The Daughter of the Desert”

Welcome to our enchanting and colorful Marrakesh set-up. Our selection of ornaments and scenography will transport you directly to Morocco’s beautiful country and rich culture. What really inspired us is the beauty of the architecture, their mastery of textile design and the vivid colour palette that drips from every corner of the city. It is difficult to describe the feeling you get in Morocco, it must be experienced.

You will get a sense of this historic and vibrant culture through our scenography. It’s all about shapes, textures, shade and contemporary colours. Experience this luxury picnic over authentic Moroccan blankets, rugs and pillows that we personally sourced from Marrakesh. They are all hand-woven from wool and cotton, and decorated with sequins and embroidery.

Let yourself go as you enjoy a stunning sunset, while relaxing in this beautiful setting. Soak up Morocco’s fascinating and mystical heritage in this luxury atmosphere, from a perfect oasis in Bali.

Color Palette :

“Vibrant and rich”

There is no limit to the Moroccan colour palette. It runs from Klein blue to terracotta, to a multitude of red shades and whitish colours, to the typical salmon pink of many Moroccan buildings. All of these colours combine to create a unique rainbow that encompasses Moroccan culture. Inspired by Berber culture, nature, desert landscapes, the shades of sunsets, hambel or kilim rugs, cushions and the gorgeous ceramics.

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